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The best bra I’ve ever owned

I ordered this after seeing the viral TikTok video. At first I got my size wrong but the team was able to help me sort things out and get the right size. In the end I was only off by a little. Once in the right size I can say, this is life changing. I’ve always had a larger cup size and narrow ribs. Something that was impossible to find at Victorias Secret. I struggled my whole life with spilling out of cups, or gaping cups, bands that were way too wide or way too small. I’ve never had a bra fit correctly, just good enough. I’ve been wildly self conscious about this my whole life. So when I say this bra fixed every single issue I’ve ever had and now makes me feel confident in any outfit, I don’t say that lightly. This is 1000% worth every penny. I will never buy another bra brand again.

hardly there underwear

They Feel so great, my favorite hands down. I'm getting ready to order another set.
Thank you


Most comfortable strapless I have worn. Sizing was a little tricky but with free exchanges it was no worries.

Comfy as hell

I thought thongs just rode up the front, I thought suffering was inevitable. I had no idea what was possible til now, 5/5 ⭐️

Beyond impressed

I have spent hours in every specialty bra store on the east coast and still struggle to find bras that are uncomfortable and they can only be worn one way. For the first time I can wear any neck line I want! And to make it even better, I got the correct size on my first order which has literally never happened, even when I order from specialty stores that I’ve been going to for years!

A bra that actually fits!

I wear this bra every day! I forgot what it was like to have a bra actually fit. I struggle to find bras that will fit my C/D cups and my tiny frame. This one is perfect!

Finally a bra that fits me

After starting to gain weight because of PCOS I started having an extremely hard time finding bras that could fit my large waist but small cups. The cups were always too big for the waist size I needed. I could only wear bralettes which offer little to no support at all.

it's giving CHEEKS

Honestly, the best cheeky underwear I've owned in a long long time. I can't stress enough how incredibly comfy and beautiful these undies are andwill only be buying these from here on out!

5 Stars

I love this thong so much, it's so comfortable and such high quality.

Best bra for hard to fit hooters!!!

I love this bra! I have naturally large breasts with a small rib cage, and I’ve nursed two children so the girls aren’t what they used to be. I can never find a bra that fits properly and still gives great support. UNTIL NOW!! This bra is amazing!! Makes my breasts look young and perky! This bra is so sturdy, supportive and comfortable. It feel like my boobs are being cradled in soft, fluffy clouds. Thank you making this bra!!

Buttery softness

By far the best underwear I’ve ever bought. It’s so buttery soft but it doesn’t move around at all. I also love that it has a cotton liner. It makes it feel so much comfier down there.

#1 Tip for a 17-hour day in Disneyland

I wore this bra for the first time on a trip to LA where we ended up in a rainy, cold Disneyland for 17 hours and this bra didn't drive me crazy and I think that is the highest review I can give a bra after that amount of time wearing it doing all kinds of things.

Get this bra.

Also, the Golden Hour color looked great under my white tank top. The size works. So, I'm pleased with my purchase.

hands down, my favorite!

thee best undies out there! super soft and comfy, and make white shorts/pants a no-brainer :)
(I'm 5'7, a 4/6 and the mediums are perfect)

Cheeks for Days

So comfortable!!! Literally no lines were seen in my leggings, the fabric was soft but fit my curves and butt really well. I wear a 8-10 in jeans and I’m a little bottom heavy. I got a Medium and they fit great. No itchy tags, no riding up or bunching!


It’s like wearing nothing at all. Seamless. Comfortable. Love it!

Soft like butter!

Super comfy undies!! Bought 4 pair!!

T-Shirt Bra & Mesh Thong Bundle - Good Night
Cheryl Parisi

Love the way the bra is adjustable and stays in place. Extremely comfortable.

Most comfortable bra!!

I'm obsessed with this bra! Not only is it super comfortable, but I love all the different ways you can adjust the straps to fit under your outfit. Definitely going to get more colors!

Cannot recommend enough!

Firstly I’d love to shoutout Danielle for her videos and open platform on TikTok to talk about her ideas and wanting feedback on new clothing items and her answering questions for me! I normally wear a 34 C and these bras run true to size. I got a 2/8 size and it fits great. I love that the bands are independently flexible for the top and bottom part. It is so innovative and it feels like it’s custom for my body. I love the clasp in the front and omg.. the shoulder straps. LordHaveMercy they have never felt such relief. I feel my posture improving and I never have to worry about my straps sliding, it’s is very comfortable to wear all day and it gives me support without being bulky or noticeable.
Shipping was super fast, less than 5 days from FL to IL.

I’m not going back to VS or Target bras again! Support small businesses. Thank you <3

The best underwear… ever

So comfy, completely invisible, all I wear now. Was loyal to Hanky Panky for years, they’ve been completely replaced by my Wherewithals.

Life changing bra

Been struggling to find a bra that fit and wasn’t totally uncomfortable and I finally found it! The fit is incredible & the fabric is so luxe feeling.

Great Strapless Bra

This is a very well-made bra that is comfortable and a go-to for every need!

Undies? Oh, I forgot I was wearing any!!

Truly the most comfortable panties there ever was! both the cheeky and the thong are life changing. I am not sure what I ever wore prior. So beautiful and the fit is perfect!

Cute and Sexy

Seems to hold the girls very well, I haven't worn it out yet, but I'm hopeful. It seems sturdy, the fabric feels great!

Best Bra Ever

I want to wear this bra every single day!!! It is amazingly comfortable and so easy to adjust. You would never know it’s not padded by the way it shapes you, literally in love! I went to a fitting at one of the pop ups and bought the strapless (amazing too!!) and then did the online sizing guide to buy this one on the site. 1000% worth every single penny. Thank you! ❤️