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The only bra that adjusts to fit you.

Our patented back band lets you customize your bra size and personalize your fit.

Our bands: We offer 4 band sizes (1, 2, 3, 4) and each band adjusts between 4 inches, and the equivalent of 3 traditional band sizes. 

Choose your Wherewithal Band Size using your underbust measurement or your traditional band size in the chart below.

Wherewithal band size Underbust Measurements Traditional Band Size
1 26in-30in 30 / 32 / 34
2 30in-34in 34 / 36 / 38
3 34in-38in 38 / 40 / 42
4 38in-42in 42 / 44 / 46
*bra companies add 4 to your underbust measurement to find your band size

Cup sizing, as it should be.

Sister sizes are when a bra is labeled differently, but the cup size is the same. (i.e. a 32D is the same cup size as a 34C). This makes no sense.

Our cups are labeled 6-14, on a smallest to largest basis.

Select your cup size by using what you would classify your cup size in traditional A-B-C sizing in the chart below.

Wherewithal Cup Size Traditional Cup Size Comparison
7 A/B
8 B/C
9 C/D
10 D/DD
12 DDD/G
13 H/I
14 I/J

Compare your Traditional Bra Size to a Wherewithal SizeSet Using this chart

A sister size is the same cup volume w/ different band sizes.

Each SizeSet is equivalent to 3 sister sizes. So not only can you personalize your size, you can feel good about wearing a bra that is 3x more sustainable, too.

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