Founder Story

I was in 4th grade (peak tomboy phase) when I was told I had to start wearing a bra. Every day since, I began replacing what I wanted to be, with what other people told me to be. Every day since, my boobs made me feel limited in what I was able to wear. Lack of support made me feel limited in what I was able to do. And I allowed external voices to create limiting beliefs around what I could become.
Our reason for being is to remind anyone who has ever felt limited (by their bra, by their external environment, or by the boxes someone else has placed them in) that you are the creator of your life, and you are the only one who can know when you feel misaligned. To remind you that you are the only one who knows what is best for you and to encourage you to decide, to do, to be, to become. Everything and anything you want to be, based on what feels right and true to you.

And should you ever choose to wear a bra along your journey, I hope you choose one that gives you the freedom to change, to grow, to expand, to evolve. To honor what you need, and to adjust accordingly.
And as you move through the world stepping into the person you were put here to be, know that you are supported fully. Because my reason for being, is to support you in yours.
w/ love + so much gratitude,
Danielle Rushton
Designer, CEO