Build Your SizeSet in Two Steps

Say hello to SizeSets. Our bra design introduces a new approach to bra sizing. Because our signature back bands adjust, you can select your band size and cup size separately. Follow our guide below to build your SizeSet.

Step 1 / Your Band Size

Our bands adjust to fit multiple sizes, putting you in control of your fit.

We offer 5 band sizes from 22in-42in, each adjusting up to 4-inches.

READY? Choose your band by thinking about the size you typically wear in fitted shirts. Remember, don't think about your boobs just yet—we'll get there—only think about your band, because your band deserves some love. What band number would you be?

For those who love a measuring tape, check out the underbust measurements in the size chart below.

PRO TIP: When your bra arrives, adjust the bands to fit you. Bra feels tight? Adjust the bands. Want a lift? Adjust the bands. Remember, you're in control of your fit. Ahh, freedom.

Wherewithal band size Your Shirt Size Underbust Measurement (in)
0 xxs/xs 22-26in
1 xs/s 26-30in
2 s/m 30-34in
3 m/l 34-38in
4 l/xl 38-42in

Step 2 / Your Cup Size

Now that you have your band size, it's time to think about our boobs. (Told you we'd get there.)

Our cups are sized based on true breast volume—no more attaching ourselves to letters.

READY? Choose your cup size by thinking about how big or small your boobs actually are. Trust how you would define your breast size—you know yourself best, we promise.

PRO TIP: Strapless bras are designed to provide less coverage. If you are on the fence and you prefer full coverage, we recommend sizing up.

Wherewithal Cup Size Your Breast Size
6* xxs/xs
7 xs/s
8 s/m
9 m/l
10 l/xl
11 xl/1x
12* 1x/2x
13* 2x/3x
14* 3x/4x
*Cups in development, coming 2022

Your SizeSet = Band # / Cup #

Now that you built your SizeSet all you need to decide is what color(s) you're going to get!

PRO TIP: To add to cart, you'll select your band and cup sizes separately, of course.

Happy shopping!

We currently offer the following SizeSets:
  • Band 0 / Cup 8
  • Band 1 / Cup 7 - 11
  • Band 2 / Cup 7 - 11
  • Band 3 / Cup 7 - 11
  • Band 4 / Cup 10 - 11
The following SizeSets are coming soon:
  • Band 1 / Cup 6, 12 - 14
  • Band 2 / Cup 6, 12 - 14
  • Band 3 / Cup 12 - 14
  • Band 4 / Cup 12 - 14
Unsure about your SizeSet?