Bra Sizing, Simplified

No more second guessing your size. Every bra adjusts to fit 64 unique size combinations so we decided to call them SizeSets.

This means we guarantee a personal fit because you are in control of your size.

Designed to be Personal

Hook and eye closures just weren't cutting it. Our signature back bands are designed to be adjusted.

This means you have the power to personalize your bra—however you see fit.

Freedom to Change

From the board room, to the grocery store, to late nights w/ friends—we are multidimensional, so we created a bra that can keep up.

This means our bras can adapt to fit how you want it to. Anytime, anywhere—continuously and effortlessly.

Our Design Process

We believe bras should be personal, not intimate. We threw out the nearly century-old grading system still used by bra companies today and crafted a process of our own. Our new standard puts you front and center.

This means every product we create—in every size we offer—is fitted on real women, w/ real bodies. We are dedicated to celebrating you, exactly as you are today, and whoever you decide to be tomorrow.


Embrace yourself w/ SizeSets™