Meet Our Model: Ciera

Who Ciera

But a lot of my family and friends call me Cici.



What do you do? I am a model. Check ya girl out on all platforms @cieramebald. 

What made you want to begin modeling? I have always been interested in modeling. The beauty of being an individual and representing not only yourself but your community, your culture, your story and have others relate through you as a subject through a photo is just awesome to me. And it’s just so much fun to create a character for a day through makeup, hair and styling. 

What is the most rewarding part of what you do? The young girls and women who see representation in me, and express that empowerment and inspiration when they see me. 

What motivates you every day? I lost my mom when I was 15 years old, so I really am motivated by the love she gave and wisdom she shared with me to continue to live life to the fullest, gracefully but unapologetically. 

What’s inspiring you at the moment? I am very inspired right now by women. The diverse beauties we are, and all the beautiful things we create. 

What was it like to manage and run your business during the pandemic? It’s very much teaching me the virtue of patience, because I was signed at the beginning of the pandemic. So, it has really pushed me to be patient, and understand my timing. And also, where social media wasn’t a tool to me prior to the pandemic, using socials as a tool to step out of my “comfort zone” and connect with amazing creators, photographers, models, etc. 


When did you decide to bet on yourself? Honestly, when I began modeling, I didn’t really bet on myself. It was more so me stepping out on others faith in me. It wasn’t until I really owned everything I am, without apology, that I felt “I can really do this!”  

When did you get your first bra? Around 4th grade, it’s a blur. I feel like I’ve always worn them. The first shopping experience was memorable, because my mom and grandma were basically telling everyone in Walmart. 

When did you last have an uncomfortable / funny / embarrassing bra moment? So, I tried to wear one of those “backless, strapless, sticky” bras on a hot, summer Florida day. Long story short, the bra ended up sliding from under my shirt and onto the floor because I sweat it off. 

When did you first feel comfortable in your own skin? Honestly, being a bi-racial woman, I have found some difficulty in my life to always feel comfortable being 100% myself—even with a family that constantly reassured me. It wasn’t until later in high school that I let go of “trying to fit in”, and started to step into what made me different and loving those differences. 



Where did you get your first bra? I call it Martè de Wal, you call it Walmart. 

Where do you feel most creative? In the shower. It’s not just me. Ask anyone.

Where do you want to go that you’ve never been? I have a list. I’m down for just about any new adventure. My list starts with Japan and ends with outer space. 

Where do you go to find yourself? Outdoors. 


Why are you excited about Wherewithal? I have NEVER had a strapless bra that feels so secure, yet so comfy. The technology of the adjustable straps is crazy good! And outside of the actual bras, I love that Wherewithal represents and includes all women to allow each of us to feel great in and out of our bras.

Why did you decide to start modeling? I decided to start modeling because I wanted to see more women like myself represented in the modeling/fashion world. 


How do you decompress after a long day? A long, hot shower. 

How do you spend your free time? I love doing Zumba or really just being active in some capacity, listening to podcasts, rewatching my favorite movies, skating and spending time with my loved ones.

How do you practice self-love? Constant self check-ins. I speak positively over myself and my path often without comparing my journey to others. I try to practice healthy habits. I am sure to take time to myself to relax and celebrate even small “wins”. And a good face mask, with a side of fries! 

Wild Card

Do you have a "how-to" life hack you can share? DIY my 4-in-1 juicy lip balm, hydrating body butter, hair styling cream and dewy balm highlighter. This yummy goodness can be used on the lips as juicy lip balm, on the body and feet as a hydrating body butter, on the scalp or hair as a styling cream for fuzzy flyaways or a bomb “twist-out” cream, and on the high parts of the cheeks as a dewy wet-look hydrating highlighter. HOW-TO: Combine equal amounts coconut oil, raw shea butter, beeswax and Vitamin-E oil in any container or jar of your choice. Microwave in 45 second increments until its melted, stirring occasionally. Once evenly mixed, place in the refrigerator. Let this cool for 45 minutes to an hour, until set. Once the mixture is solid, but not frozen, take out and ENJOY!