Bra Size Calculator

Find your fit, no measurements needed.

We feel you—bra sizing is hard. That's why we created a tool that instantly converts your traditional bra size into your perfect Wherewithal SizeSet. Say hello to our SizeSet Calculator! No measuring tape, no "wrapping around the fullest part of your bust", no counting inches—just enter your traditional size, and we do the rest.

The new standard of bra sizing

From day one, our goal was to give you the power to control your fit. Our bodies change sizes, and we felt it was time for our bras to do the same. We call our approach "self-sizing", because we believe the best bra size is the one you create.

Create your bra size w/ SizeSets

So how does it work? Because every Wherewithal bra adjusts to fit 64 size combinations, we named them SizeSets. Through the adjustability of our back bands, 1 Wherewithal bra is the equivalent of 3 traditional bra sizes, plus every size in between. W/ our signature sliding back bands, you have the power to personalize your size—for the first time ever. 

Your traditional bra size helps our team guide you to your recommended SizeSet, but now you have the power to create your preferred fit. Take control of your bra size and create something totally unique to you based on what fits and feels best.  

Ready to meet your SizeSet?

Our bra size calculator helps you find your best fitting bra size, no measurements needed.

Step 1: Select your traditional band size

Step 2: Select your traditional cup size

... and that's it!!!

We currently offer the following SizeSets, and have more sizes launching later this year.

Band 0 / Cup 8

Band 1 / Cups 7-11

Band 2 / Cups 7-11

Band 3 / Cups 9-11 


Still not sure which SizeSet is best for you?

We’re here to support you. Send us an email to to schedule a virtual fitting, and we can help you find your SizeSet!